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A NIGHT OF PURPOSE is an opportunity to host a one-night, community-wide event to share the life-changing message of hope for so many of our community members who may be struggling with substance addictions, hopelessness or a sense of having little-to-no value. Centered on the new film, “CAPTIVE,” this event allows you the opportunity to customize and host an evening specific to those in your community who are searching for purpose.

A NIGHT OF PURPOSE premiere entails buying tickets at your local theatre so that you can invite your community groups, rehab centers, local churches, schools, non-profits, and other people in your community, like single moms, students, and charity volunteers.

A NIGHT OF PURPOSE creates enormous buzz in your community, attracts local media attention, and spotlights your organization, your guests and sponsors.


  • As the host, you can share a personal message with attendees before or after the movie.
  • A NIGHT OF PURPOSE creates BUZZ and momentum in the community, and is a great way to bring hundreds of people together at the same time.
  • A NIGHT OF PURPOSE is a high-profile event that shares the inspiring messages of the movie.
  • Sponsor can distribute informational/promotional materials to all attendees at the event.

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